Our Clients

Darren Edginton

Regional General Manager-Melbourne West (WESTPAC Bank)

“Steve, Vijay and the team at Diligence Bookkeeping have been helping the Surfcoast Football club for over a year now.

Our executive group and committee are committed to creating management systems and structures that are a positive legacy to anyone who volunteers to assist the club in the future. One of the great outcomes we have seen coming into the 2016 season is that because of the Xero set up that Diligence Bookkeeping in Torquay has created for us, we are able to produce reports, invoices, and show meaningful numbers for all areas of the club operations. This has been invaluable to the club as we are growing and need solid systems for budgeting and management of volunteers.

We have been very impressed with the foresight and business assistance we have received, and would not hesitate to recommend a meeting with the team at Diligence either on the Surfcoast, in Torquay or Geelong.”

Jonas Hansen

Hansen Constructions Pty Ltd (0400 660 277) 

“I run Hansen Constructions Pty Ltd, a building and construction firm. We contract and subcontract and have many concurrent projects. We get busy and my time is in demand. When I contacted the Diligence Bookkeeping team I was coming out of a very busy period. I had to catch up and the Diligence team got it done. A very high standard of work was the comment my accountants made.”

Andrew Read

Jims Mowing, Torquay (0411 464 269)

“My Jim’s mowing franchise has grown ever since day 1, and our customer service and eye for quality is the reason. My accountant has recently retired so I was left in a bind. I was happy to find the Diligence team. They saw that I do my own books and have made sure I stay tax ready.”

Adrian Lehmann


Thanks Vijay and the Diligence team for the extraordinary effort in bringing the different projects and records together from my consulting and training work. My accountant was impressed with the speed and quality of your product.

Rebecca Findlay – Office Manager

Geelong Gas Boys (0421 307 941)

Geelong Gas Boys is a local Gas Plumbing business that focuses on giving great and friendly service to the customer as quickly as possible. We have grown because we are friendly and full of personality, as well as providing high quality service. We have worked with the guys at Diligence since 2010 and have stayed with them because they are like us. They have fun, but they get the job done. If they have to go beyond they do. They help us whenever we call and they are very fair with their pricing. We use all of their services for that reason, including the bookkeeping, Insurance and Planning. We call Steve Walker and he gets all of it done. Working together has been, and continues to be, one of our business advantages because they communicate with us at our level, and I know with the Diligence guys they are there and that gives me great confidence.”

Hayden Leith

In Depth Computer Systems (0439 019 131)

I started In-Depth Computer Systems because I knew that not many Systems Integrators really knew deeply what is required for high-end IT solutions and capabilities. Because I got so busy I sent all of my books to my accountant to deal with for years. I’ve known Steve Miller since 2006 and I took him up on the offer to come in for a free review. Wow. In 15 minutes he had found thousands of dollars in savings I could make and I delegated everything to get sorted in a way that’s best for me, and in my language. No time wasting, just expertise and diligence. They now do the lot for me and I know my Books, Insurance and Long Term Financial Planning are making progress. My team has them in it and that’s a winner.”

Pam Westendorf

Bowsie and Strokeside Cafes (0407 430 344)

Bowside and Strokeside Cafes are on the way to the Great Ocean Road and the Surfcoast, and we make and sell our own produce as well as some seriously yummy stuff from others too. Our coffee is worth pulling over for and our customers know it. I’m pretty new as a client to the Diligence team, but they’ve been helpful and caring, have sorted everything and taken an heap of stress out of my busy life. I’m glad to say I delegated the books to them, it was a timely and good decision.”